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About Us

At Type Six Design & Development, our philosophy in practice is simple. We are dedicated to the integrity of our practice. We are dedicated to every single one of our clients.


Type Six was founded on the idea of commitment to service to our client, with a goal to make our firm a creative, fun, fulfilling, rewarding place to come to work each day. By fostering an environment where every team member is empowered to fearlessly approach their work with enthusiasm, we can develop efficient and enduring designs.


James & Hayes started Type Six with the intention of upholding the highest standards of design while providing focused service to their clients. We strive to develop buildings that strongly support our client’s needs and objectives, are receptive to the owner’s construction and operating budgets, and are a pleasure to experience. From programming through final design approval, Type Six has an active role in the process and within the firm, we value the varied contributions of every member of our team.


Type Six specializes in all aspects of commercial architecture and construction. We provide a complete range of services, from preliminary site analysis and entitlements to architectural design, interior design, engineering, construction documents, construction specifications and construction administration.

Type Six

There are V types of Construction in the building code with their associated Architects. Our founders wanted to be better and offer a more comprehensive service than your type V Architect. Welcome to Type Six, a new experience in architectural services.

Design Concepts

Design inspiration for our buildings is found in our client’s program and the context of the site. Our buildings respond to current needs and future use, drawing on the principles of sustainable design, optimization of the site, and employing state-of-the-art engineering and technical systems.


Portfolio Diversity

There are no cookie-cutter designs from Type Six architecture, we don’t believe in plugin play. Our design-minded team works to find solutions that incorporate the ‘big picture’ for the client.

Core Values


Integrity always comes first. Maintaining a professional and collaborative attitude and consistently delivering beyond expectations. We embody our principles of truth, honor, trust, and reliability. 

Comprehensive View

We challenge the status quo in order to access improved processes & technologies. We listen, learn, & seek out the best ideas. With each building we design, we endeavor to install an imaginative yet pragmatic approach that recognizes budget & program constraints. 

Leadership in Collaboration

 At Type Six, we act as one in a discovery process that creates tailor-made solutions for our clients. We guide discussion & promote collaboration between all team members to achieve excellence & the best possible solution.

Type Six
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